Take a look at these questions and answers about Elevacity products.

Why does the smart coffee make you lose weight?

Elevate smart coffee contains ingredients that support weight management, including the following:

  • green coffee bean extract, a clinically documented fat burner
  • green tea, contains ECGC, which has a powerful effect on metabolism, potentiates fat loss, reduces fatigue and appetite while providing a powerful antioxidant
  • chromium polynicotinate, which regulates insulin, reduces sugar and carbohydrate cravings, may help to suppress appetite

In addition, Elevate smart coffee curbs your appetite, so you don’t “graze” between meals. When you turn off hunger pangs, you lose weight naturally.

I’ve just started seeing posts on Facebook about Happy Coffee. Who are you?

We are Elepreneurs for Elevacity. Our official company launch was March 2, 2018. We’re happy, excited, and experiencing phenomenal growth!

How is this different from other weight loss coffee?

Elevacity’s incredible flagship combo includes an exclusive, patented and trademarked nutritional product line that is based on the science of HOPs. It releases Dopamine, Ocytocin, Serotonin and Endorphins.

How do I mix the happy coffee?

Directions on how to mix smart coffee: Mix how you normally would mix any instant coffee. I would just be mindful of any fat content that you add. Also, you definitely want to start off with half of a scoop. I used to mix it in my coffee, but now I mix it with half & half and stevia. One guy mixes it in his orange juice! It can be mixed with protein shakes, too, but I don’t necessarily recommend this way.

How do I eat with Happy Coffee? Does it have a meal plan?

No, there isn’t a set amount of foods you have to eat while taking Happy Coffee and XanthoMax. Just don’t eat when you’re not hungry, and when you do eat, make sure it’s something healthy. I can help you more with this through email or private messaging via Facebook.

When can I expect results?

A lot of people feel the happy coffee on their first day! If you’re wanting weight loss results, that will take about a week, Remember, everyone is different, and be sure to measure!

How often can I drink the Happy Coffee?

The formulator, Kevin Thomas, has said that drinking more than 2 cups will have a diminishing return on its effects. So, I would never drink more than 2 cups, but I would never start with a full scoop either. Remember, start with half of a stick. You can always just take the other half afterwards if you feel like it. 🙂

How often can I take XanthoMax?

It says on the Elevacity XanthoMax page: “Take 1 capsule daily. Avoid taking more than 3 capsules per day”.