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Elevacity’s Compensation Plan is based on the following:

  • Fair and competitive wholesale and retail prices which support customer acquisition.
  • Realistic Rank Qualifiers to earn income based on customer acquisition.
  • Matching Bonuses (22% – 110%) on commissions paid to Elepreneurs sponsored directly/indirectly.
  • Share in a Global Bonus Pool based on performance and recognition level.
  • Health & Wellness paid for by the company to be used towards HoorayHealth Plans when qualified.
  • Paid family vacation every year for life for qualifiers.
  • Commissions on retail purchases made by customers from your personal website are paid weekly.
  • Commissions and Matching Bonuses are paid monthly

Elevacity Elepreneurs Compensation Plan: E-Finity

Join Elevacity:

There are different ways to become an Elepreneur. One way, is to choose “DOSE Shareables”.

What are DOSE Shareables? You can see the 3 options that you have below, for Shareables. Each one is 250, and you can get up to four.

  • Elevate Coffee – (2 Elevate Coffee sticks, One 2-pack Xanthomax)
  • Choclevate – (2 Choclevate sticks, One 2-pack Xanthomax)
  • Both – (1 Elevate Coffee stick, 1 Choclevate stick, One 2-Pack Xanthomax)
DOSE Shareables for Elepreneurs
DOSE Shareables for Elepreneurs

Now, we also offer larger packs for 499 & 999. These larger packs include DOSE Shareables, but more, in addition. These two packs are other ways that you can start a career or side business with Elepreneurs:

The Happier pack contains the following:
22 Coffee Shareables
22 Coffee + Choclevate Shareables
2 Coffee Tubs
2 Xanthomax
1 Elevate Magazine
1 Big Potential Book

Now, the Happiest pack:
44 Coffee Shareables
44 Coffee + Choclevate Shareables
4 Coffee Tubs
4 Xanthomax
1 Elevate Magazine
1 Big Potential Book

Typically, the way you want to build your business is relative to the pack you choose when you join elevacity. If you want to build fast, then you can choose the largest pack. This way, you’ll have “product in stock”.

Check Match Bonus:

When you begin your journey as a new Elepreneur, you are paid 22% on your, and your first line’s volume.

When you recruit a second Elepreneur into your business, your percentage increases to 44% of both of your downline’s.

When your third Elepreneur is recruited into your business, the percentage you earn is increased to 66% on the two downline.

When you recruit your fourth downline, the percentage is increased to 88%, paid on your top two.

Now, when you add your fifth recruit to your team, you are paid a check match of 110% on your top two recruits, who have the highest volume for that month.

DOSE Shareables for Elepreneurs

Qualified Elepreneurs earn a commission when anyone up to five levels deep purchases a DOSE shareable. As that first-level downline builds their business (say for example, someone 5 levels deep, purchases a DOSE shareable), not only will you earn $12.50, but your Elepreneurs down the line will also earn commission. This Direct Commission Plan pays out a total of $125 to the five levels, including you. The payout breaks down like this when someone in your organization buys just one DOSE shareable:

  • Level One: 10% ($25)
  • Level Two: 10% ($25)
  • Level Three: 15% ($37.50)
  • Level Four: 10% ($25)
  • Level Five: 5% ($12.50)

Infinity Bonus:

After recruiting 3 people, you will receive a 20% match on volume generated by your entire downline’s top two. This is the Infinity Bonus. This Infinity Bonus goes down to infinity.

E-finity Team Rewards

Your e-finity “team” pays you on every Elepreneur on your team who earn a check through commissionable volumes excluding your top two, up to 5 levels. This continues to infinity in width with no limits.

Lifestyle Bonus

  • Gold elepreneurs receive $500
  • Platinum elepreneurs receive $2000 ($400 a month)
  • Diamond elepreneurs receive $5000 ($800 a month)
  • Black Diamond elepreneurs receive $10,000 ($1100 a month)
  • Royal Black Diamond elepreneurs receive $20,000 ($2200 a month)
  • Ambassador elepreneurs receive $45,000 ($3300 a month)
  • Crown Ambassador elepreneurs receive $75,000
  • Royal Crown Ambassador elepreneurs receive $100,000

Global Bonus Pool

Elevacity takes 4% of company-wide sales volume and places it into the Global Bonus Pool.

The Global Bonus Pool is split into five smaller pools that correspond with Royal Black Diamond and higher ranks:

  • Royal Black Diamond – 30% (of the total 4% Global Bonus Pool)
  • Ambassador – 25%
  • Crown Ambassador – 20%
  • Royal Crown Ambassador – 15%
  • Triple Crown Ambassador – 10%

Royal Black Diamond and higher ranked affiliates receive one share in the Global Bonus Pool that corresponds with their rank.

*New S.A.M. Plan Compensation coming soon! Come back to this page!*

Elevacity Compensation Plan Ranks and Volume
Elevacity Compensation Plan Ranks and Volume

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