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The Happy Co Compensation Plan Overview

The Happy Co compensation plan overview: Whether you’re looking for a sidegig or a full-time work-from-anywhere career, The Happy Co provides all the freedom, flexibility, and fun that you could possibly desire. In this overview, you’ll learn about The Happy Co compensation plan and how its brand partners can earn rewards by elevating health, wealth, and happiness throughout the world.

Getting started with The Happy Co

Your first step to get started with The Happy Co is to sign up as a brand partner for $49.

The Happy Co Compensation Plan

You can do this by clicking the top or bottom links on this page. These links will take you to my Happy Co company site where you can purchase your Enrollment Kit via the enrollment form.

Add the Happy Start Kit to your cart, and continue to step 2 where you will see the Happier and Happiest Packs.

Happy Packs for Happy Coffee

You will have the opportunity to purchase a Happier or Happiest Pack at this point, as well. The Happier Pack includes everything you need with big savings, whilst the Happiest Pack is the biggest and best value we offer. These additional packs will help get you off to a faster start and are recommended. Keep in mind that most top earners launch their businesses with the Happiest Pack.

Brand Partner Commissions and Bonuses

Becoming a brand partner with The Happy Co entitles you to order our products below wholesale. This is similar to your membership with Costco or Sam’s Club, etc.. in that you must be a member to access their lowest prices. Same here with The Happy Co, except that you can also earn commissions and bonuses with the compensation plan.

Weekly Bonuses:
🛒Retail Bonus
🛍️Fast Start Bonus

🛒The Retail Bonus is earned through customer orders. When your customer orders at retail price, you’ll earn the difference between their price and yours.

🛍️The Fast Start Bonus is earned after you enroll a new brand partner, who orders either the Happier or Happiest Pack.

To participate in The Happy Co compensation plan’s weekly bonuses, you’ll need an active account.

Monthly Bonuses:
📈Differential Bonus
👫Customer Acquisition Bonus
🕴Unilevel Bonus
🤨Leadership Bonus
💎Diamond Pool
👑Ambassador Pool

📈The Differential Bonus can be earned once you achieve the rank of Gold.

👫Customer Acquisition Bonus (CAB) is earned when you sponsor 3 new customers within the same month who have orders of at least 80 in Commissionable Volume (CV). When this occurs, you’ll earn $25. The addition of 5 new qualified customers is $50. If you add 7 new customers with qualifying orders, you will earn $100.

🕴The Unilevel Bonus is earned from your personal sales and your team’s. See what you can earn on the chart below:

Elepreneur levels and team earnings 2019
Brand Partner levels and team earnings

🤨The Leadership Bonus is available to leaders from Platinum through Royal Black Diamond. You must qualify each month at the respective rank. This is called your Paid At Rank (PAR). Here’s what you can earn:
Platinum = $400
Diamond = $600
Black Diamond = $800
Royal Black Diamond = $1’000

💎The Diamond Pool is available to brand partners from Diamond to Royal Black Diamond. The Happy Co takes 0.5% of its total commissionable sales and splits it amongst the brand partners who have achieved these respective ranks each month.

👑The Ambassador Pool is available when you achieve the rank of Ambassador and above. For this pool, the company uses 1.5% of its total sales and splits it with brand partners who have achieved these ranks each month.

To participate in The Happy Co compensation plan’s monthly bonuses, you must be active with either 80 PV (volume from your personal orders), or 240 RV (volume from your personally sponsored customers).

The Happy Co’s Brand Partner Rank Recognition

This chart will help you understand each brand partner rank, requirements, and limits.

Elepreneur Ranks Requirements and Limits
The Happy Co Brand Partner Ranks Requirements and Limits

The Happy Co Opportunity

If you want to be successful with The Happy Co opportunity then one last big tip I can leave you with is to make sure that it says “Kelly Cavanaugh” is your sponsor so you will be placed on my team. This way, I’ll also be able to reach out to you with important next steps and to help you launch your new home-based business. Remember, the biggest tax breaks belong to small-business owners.

If you have any further questions, simply use the contact me form and I’ll be happy to help you.

If you’re ready to become a Happy Co brand partner and start earning money with the The Happy Co Compensation Plan, click the button at the top or bottom of this page.

Kelly A Cavanaugh 🙋‍♀️

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